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Smileydesign was founded by Enrico "Erni" Gollnow. A site full of unique pixel formed smileys and emoticons, free to use for everybody and everywhere.


My selfmade emoticons on a page divided into different galleries. You can use my emoticons for your web projects. However, you should pay attention to the guidelines. If you use my work it would be nice, to give credit. With a link back to my site. Use the F.A.Q. for more informations or send a electronic message. Smileydesign is my personally emoticon archive, I'll update it from time to time, with my newer emoticons. If you don't want to miss, my actual emoticons, you should follow Gomotes. There you will found everything, related to my emoticon projects and other emoticon related themes.

Hall of Fame

Once a month, and once a year, there is a emoticon battle. You decide with your vote, who will win the battle. All your favorite emoticons will issued into the Hall of Fame. Don't miss the actual emoticon battles! I made a tutorial for you, if you need help, how to vote your favorite emoticon from the battles.

Emoticon Request

You like my style and have an idea for a new emoticon? Then use emoticons request. Should I realize your idea, you get the full credit for your idea.

What are emoticons?

All things, you need to know about emoticons, you will find into the Emoticon Dictionary.


If you like the way my emoticons are designed and search a exclusive set for your website, contact me for a bespoke designed emoticon pack.


Enrico Gollnow
Konrad-Wolf-Str. 136
D-13055 Berlin
send me an electronic message
erni at smileydesign dot net


You can use my emoticons in emails, forums, blogs, messengers or personal websites.

Not allowed

Claim them as your own, modify, selling, distributing or profiting in anyway with the emoticons without my permission.

Adhesion referance

Depsite carefully contentwise control, I take no adhesion for content of external links. For the content of the linked pages, only the author of the respective pages might be reponsible.



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